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so i watched it, had it been atleast decent i would have still gone to see it in the theatres, but Fox has yet again treated a great comic icon like a dead tranny hooker in a dumpster on skid row. I mean the source material was violated worse than anything Benson and Stabler have seen on Law and Order SVU. Comeplete and total shitfest!!

Hugh Jackman was awesome, but nothing could save that God awful story ravaged by plot holes, autistic pacing, and lameness as well as the abismal acting by the rest of the cast sans Ryan Renolds. I mean the guy is perfect for Deadpool, and even the wack lines they gave him he made fucking funny, but what they did to his character raped my soul and bukkaked my childhood. Just Gay.

and i mean so what if it was incomplete? That movie needs a lot more than 15 minutes of extra footage and completed special FX to polish that mound of pig shit.

Christ this movie was on the same LAMEtitude as Daredevil and Ghost Rider...BOYCOTT THIS MOVIE!!!

i hope it bombs.
RAPIST ETHICS 03-10-09 15:20
You and me
Meant to be
Its destiny
Pure lunacy
But for the last time
Youre everything that I want and ask for
Youre all that Id dreamed
Who wouldnt be the one you love
Who wouldnt stand inside your love
Protected and the lover of
A pure soul and beautiful you
WATCHMEN 03-09-09 17:25
awesome movie, i loved it. i've seen it twice already...and i'd have to say its better than the graphic novel...slightly.
and im voting for Sarah Palin because she has a vagina, and mccains head looks like a penis.

in other news i hate the life aquatic. i will continue to make it snow in the strip joint with the lint in my pockets.
thecheat is back, tell a friend...

so yeah the only truth in the first chapter of this journal, is that i have a g/f, and was head over heels for a good friends g/f...

I realized that girl was everything i wanted 5 years ago, i let her know about the crush, she said she knew, nothing much more happened than that. Telling her actually helped me get over her, and move on...then she got breast implants...which makes her look fucking amazing, so that and cuz i was pissed at her for unrelated reasons caused me to delete her from all my networking sites...fuck she's fine, but just dumb.

so i have a new vice...craigslist's causual encounters. i've talked to a lot of women on that...or guys posing as women...on a few occasion we agree to meet up and then i just dont go, or go to the hotel or meeting point turn around and just go home...i dont what this is, i know i wont cheat but i guess i just like flirting with danger...maybe i'm just bored in the relationship, and this is me acting it just a phase. Or maybe i know she's the one, and that i'll never be will anyone else and im still young and would love to have 1 more year to mess around, then come back to her...

back then with "Holly" if she wouldve give me the green light i would've, but now i know i wont...i think this is just a phase...this too shall pass.
Actually, after i see where this last one i'm working on now goes...i'm done.
Changes-Tupac 07-02-07 08:39
My sister moves out Saturday, we had some adventures. she mostly surrounds herself with blacks and porno ricans, which i was not cool with especially coming home from work and having them "chilling all up in my crib." But they were cool, rolled some fat blunts, better than my college days, and we had some deep conversations.

Completely changed a lot of my prejudices towards them and minorities in general (well it'll take awhile for middle easterners), gave me some books and articles to read. Really opened my eyes...I'm also now a fan of Tupac.

Even met Laura's new b/f, he's a good guy, it seems like we could all be friends in the future i guess, but Holly has her reservations, as well as i.

not really cheating either...but that's pretty much because i've been striking out.
"Don't Stop Believing" 06-12-07 12:00
i've decided to stay here...

and i don't see how anybody could be shocked by the outcome of the last episode of the Sopranos, the first 50 minutes were boring, how were the last 5 going to be any different...and i'm sorry that trash was not "genius" they may have stayed true to the series, but that crap was anything but "genius." And how cliche that they end with that Journey song...i swear thats the last song every club and bar has played that i've been to for the past 2 years...although it is great song, and a classic.

in other news, my sister will be staying with me for a few weeks...lucky me.
Heart Shaped Glasses 06-04-07 21:12
the freak finally made a good song.

anyways, cheating makes me feel like batman, the whole double life and having a contengency plan in case shit hits the fan.

it's a rush...

it's amazing, the ability to fake love and have someone believe it without a doubt...sometimes it makes you wonder if she's doing the same thing, but then i realize it doesn't matter. There is a pride thing, that you couldn't see someone pulling what you're doing over on ex got me, but there were signs, i know what to look for now, plus...i'm fucking batman.
FOR THE BOOKS! 05-29-07 18:12
I have to see one of Holly's stupid plays friday...fucking shakespeare, guy was amazing with dialogue but his plots are retarded, but the play runs pretty much every night next week...nice.

Birthday, fucking awesome, memorial weekend fucking awesome!

Didn't get the job in Chicago, and i have till next friday to take the job in California or not...

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